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About Our Client:

Industrial Sun boasts a world-class team of renewable energy industry veterans with a distinguished track record of success.

Together, the Industrial Sun team has participated in the development of gigawatts of energy projects throughout the United States that are either in operation or currently under construction – representing billions of dollars of investment. As a values-aligned partner, they believe in responsibly developed solar projects that provide positive impacts to the environment, local economy, customers, and landowners.

Workscape Designs and Industrial Sun collaborated to rejuvenate a historic meat packing plant at 3000 E Cesar Chavez, Austin. Our aim? To merge the site’s rich industrial legacy with a splash of modern design.

The primary challenge was to honor the rich history and raw, industrial elements of the original infrastructure while infusing it with a more fun and contemporary design. We created a layout that included not only a custom-tailored table for the reception area/conference room but also a speakeasy-style main lounge area and workspace lighting to match the overall feel of the space.

Objective: Transform a once-abandoned meat packing plant into a buzzing office space without forgetting its storied past.

Key Features:

1. Custom Interiors: Our layout boasts a custom-tailored table for reception and conferences, seamlessly merging with a speakeasy-inspired lounge. Complementing the ambiance, the workspace lighting ensures the desired mood permeates every corner.

2. Blend of Epochs: By thoughtfully combining new and reclaimed furniture, we have crafted an ambiance that salutes the industrial heritage while gracefully embracing modern design. This choice is not just aesthetic; it is sustainable and economical.

3. A Design that Works: Our design is more than just eye candy. With areas designed for collaborative efforts and quiet nooks for individual focus, it caters to diverse workstyles.

4. Wellness-Centric Spaces: Prioritizing employee well-being, we have integrated relaxation zones. Soft lighting, plush seating, and verdant indoor plants come together to create oases.

Industrial Sun
Austin, Texas
year completed
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Angela Thomas

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