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In the realm of modern office design, the resurgence of private offices requires a balance between the collaborative energy of open spaces and the solitude of individual work areas. Architectural demountable glass walls have emerged as a sophisticated solution, and Workscape Designs distinguishes itself by handpicking the best manufacturers in the industry.

This selection process is rigorous—examining each system down to the quality of the extrusions, the durability and functionality of door hinges, and sound attenuation value—committing only to select providers whose products meet our high standards of quality and design.
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Enhancing offices with superior quality

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Demountable glass walls, when chosen and installed with precision, can transform the look and feel of your office by offering:
Optimal Natural Light | They facilitate a bright, airy feel while delineating private spaces
Elegant Aesthetics | The sleek design contributes to a modern and expansive office atmosphere
Superior Acoustic Control | Quality glass wall systems ensure a quiet environment for concentration and confidentiality
Elegant Aesthetics | The sleek design contributes to a modern and expansive office atmosphere
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Adaptable Solutions for Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces benefit from the adaptable nature of these glass walls, allowing for easy reconfiguration to suit changing member needs, all while maintaining the look and feel of a premium office environment.

Sustainability and Client-Centric Focus

In line with sustainability practices, the reusability of demountable glass walls aligns with environmental stewardship and cost efficiency. Workscape Designs further ensures that the providers they work with are customer-centric, avoiding those with cumbersome order processes that delay project timelines and place undue burden on clients.

Conclusive Differentiation

Workscape Designs takes pride in offering not just any demountable glass wall system, but one that is scrutinized for excellence and efficiency. By steering clear of providers who are not customer-focused and who complicate the ordering process, Workscape Designs ensures a smooth, client-friendly experience from selection to installation—redefining the standard for private office enhancements in today’s dynamic workspace landscape.

OUR tenant services

interior design
Interior Design
Our degreed commercial interior designers use a blend of aesthetics and functionality to create inspiring work environments.
site selection
Site Selection
We help you find the perfect location that aligns with your business needs and culture.
construction management
Construction Management and Project Management
From planning to execution, our experts oversee every detail of your project, ensuring a seamless and successful completion.
structured labeling
Structured Cabling
We provide structured cabling solutions for robust and reliable network infrastructure.
Acoustical Analysis
We analyze the acoustics of your office to create a noise-free and productive environment.
Acoustical Analysis
We analyze the acoustics of your office to create a noise-free and productive environment.
Sound Masking
We implement sound masking techniques to reduce noise distractions and ensure privacy.
Murals and Branding
We create captivating murals and graphics that reflect your brand's identity and ethos.
Drywall Demolition and Erection
We safely dismantle existing drywall and erect new walls, creating the space you envision.
From vibrant hues to subtle shades, our painting services bring your walls to life.
We offer a range of flooring options, including carpet and luxury vinyl tile, guaranteed to elevate the look and feel of your workspace.
Electrical Work
Our electrical services ensure your office is well-lit and powered, adhering to safety standards.
Experience the elegance of custom carpentry with our exquisite millwork.
We work within your budget, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
Our expert plumbing services ensure a clean and efficient workspace.
Our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services ensure a comfortable workspace year-round.
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How do demountable glass walls create privacy in open offices?

They allow you to divide open spaces into focused rooms with natural light still flowing through. The glass maintains visibility and an airy feel while attenuating noise.

What features do you look for when selecting manufacturers?

We scrutinize extrusion quality for slim profiles, hinge durability, flexibility in framing, modularity for easy reconfiguration, sound-dampening performance, and design aesthetics among other aspects.

Can glass wall systems be customized to our brand?

Absolutely, from glass frostings and films to colored frames, hardware finishes and custom door styles, we recommend options to align with your image and environment.

How difficult are these walls to install and move?

The walls are engineered for quick, simple installation and relocation as needs shift, with convenient removable panels, snap-in glass, and clip framing requiring no speciality tools.

Do you provide space planning services around glass walls?

Yes, our strategic space planning services pair beautifully with glass walls to divide open areas while maintaining light and space efficiency.

What types of glass do you offer?

Our manufacturers offer clear, frosted, tinted, acoustic, bullet-resistant, and smart glass options to meet privacy, light, safety and tech needs.

How do you ensure quality and design standards are met?

 Every product goes through our strict vetting process prior to recommending it to clients based on their unique needs and our years of industry experience.

With Workspace Designs, you can count on high design, high value, and high customer centricity.
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