Our Approach



“Real results, in real time, really fast!” Our team will collaborate with you on the front end of the project to identify the three most important things in any project; expectations, budget, and timing. Our patent pending “Test Fit Tool” helps identify space needs and cuts through hours of indecision. Online meetings and cloud based software make collaboration easy. Workscape Designs' experts are the fastest in the business, turning test fits around in 24-48 hours.


“Details, Details, Details!” We work through all the details until the final specifications are completed. Based on the complexity and size of your project, Workscape Designs will generate a comprehensive quote within 48-72 hours.

Project Management

“Unique Tracking Process & Communication” Our Project Managers are pros at fighting “Furniture Nightmares.” We solve problems before they happen and track your orders from initiation to completion. We will coordinate with other vendors on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition on “Day 1 of Business.”

Close Out & Review

“Ultimate Customer Satisfaction” Upon project completion, we will follow-up with all parties, to gather punch items and ensure project objectives have been successfully accomplished.

The Workscape Designs Difference

Industry Leading On-boarding

Every client is different, that’s why we build a custom process to suit your needs. The industry treats all customers as if they are a “nail,” so the only solution is a “hammer.” Instead of settling with a par level of service and performance, put us on your team and enjoy a customized level of service and excellence.

Ultimate Team Players

Do you want in on a little secret...we can work with you before you sign the lease, while you are still planning! You will never hear, “that is not in our scope of work.” We will fill the gaps and assist you any way we can.