Creating A Place of Healing


Workscape Designs can help you create a healthcare space that is tailored to the specific needs of not only your patients, but your staff as well. Drawing from the expertise of our specialists, we will provide a design that accounts for the unique needs of your healthcare facility.

We are your fully engaged partner from start to finish, and beyond.


Patricia Fortenberry

We'd like to introduce you to Patricia Fortenberry. Patricia is our own personal healthcare specialist.

Patricia Fortenberry is a healthcare interiors expert with over 30 years of design and project management experience in medical facilities planning. She has extensive knowledge of codes, regulations, ordinances, and clinical processes needed in the design of hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, eldercare facilities, and other similar institutions. In serving her clients, she applies a philosophy of human-centered design that delivers an improved user experience and increased functional efficiency.

Patricia’s expertise is grounded in her 16 years at Seton Family of Hospitals – the largest hospital network in Central Texas – where she served as subject matter expert for finishes and furniture. She was also project manager on over 300 acute and ambulatory facilities, as well as medical office buildings, accounting for over four million square feet under one roof.

Patricia also previously co-founded and operated Health Space Design, a woman-owned medical interior design and architectural services firm in 2013. This experience, coupled with her time at Seton Family of Hospitals, has given Patricia a unique perspective on healthcare interior design and the myriad unique challenges associated projects of that kind.

Idea Starters

Scroll through the gallery below to view sample photos from our manufacturers of healthcare products they produce, to help you start visualizing your own healthcare space.