Workscape Designs will guide you from Consultation to Completion

Wall Layout - Installation in Austin, TX

Planning and Design Layout

Our design team works with you to discuss the office space goals and gather requirements. We study the completed design drawings, if available. Plans of existing conditions are created, often with verified field dimensions. If the project focuses on reusing existing office furniture, we'll also do an inventory.
In the design development phase, ideas are explored and concepts tested. Drawings are provided to show you adjacencies of department, people, and support areas. Selections will be made and presented for all the products used on your project. The final office drawings are updated to reflect your final office furniture choices.
Pen and Paper - Installation in Austin, TX

Project Management

In the project documentation phase, all the office furniture you've selected are documented. We call this the “specifications.” Everything you want is now ready to be ordered. At the same time, we create furniture installation drawings noting the type, size, and placement of every piece of new or used office furniture.
If your product selections involve electrical components, we recommend access points and ensure they coordinate with building systems.
We also take the extra step of auditing plans and specifications. Your final specifications are accurate for the application, meet all necessary code compliance, and all order quantities are exact.
Monitor - Installation in Austin, TX

Online Meetings

During the design process Workscape Designs is very respectful of the time it takes to develop that perfect office layout for you office space. In order to not waste your time with several office visits and several printed revisions, Workscape Designs utilizes online meetings via your PC to our PC. This will allow for minimal time and effort on your part. With a brief informal online meeting you are at your office (where you are most productive) and we are at our office (where we are most productive). This allows for you to be involved with your office space layout while looking at our PC, as we use our proven CAD program to rearrange panels and move office cubicles. Accommodating the maximum size office cubicles and the best possible office space layout, with consideration of all aisle spaces and fire codes, as well as coming up with a layout that matches your vision.
Truck - Installation in Austin, TX

Nationwide Delivery and Installation

We call upon a global network of transportation specialists who ensure quick shipment from the nearest warehouse. Your sales executive monitors every step of the process, from pulling the order to shipping and installation, directly to your office space.
The Furniture Installation Team can install just about any type of office furniture product imaginable. They are experts in office furniture systems, and can install either newly purchased office furniture, or existing office furniture you'd like to relocate. Whether your office space requires union or non-union workers, we can accommodate your needs.
Cart - Installation in Austin, TX

Moving And Relocation

Our installation team can take your old office apart efficiently and move it to your new location. Cubicles, workstations, and more are disassembled, then packed and shipped to your new workspace. We then quickly and seamlessly rebuild along with any new products required for the new space. We work under tight deadlines so you can stay on schedule.
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We provide a comprehensive asset recovery service that helps monetize your non-performing or surplus equipment. We work with a variety of organizations including manufacturers, large corporations and lease/finance companies, and we strive to provide custom tailored programs for each.